First for IBT 2015, Bristol

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A powerful story of paleness, blending in and standing out.


“I was born on the day the Pope came to Coventry, my home town. In my family this unexpected appearance was perceived as a blessing. A sublime gift.”


Influenced by her experience as a person with albinism, Jo Bannon uses blinding light, proximity, movement and sound to create an extraordinary visual poem. 


Alba explores the stories we tell of ourselves and the stories told about us, the myths we inherit and the ones we embody, the identities we cannot shake off and so instead perform.

Commissioned and produced by In Between Time with Ovalhouse & Pink Fringe. Supported by Residence. 

Developed through Fuel’s Jerwood Residencies at Cove Park which are supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.



'**** - Bannon’s hair shimmers like a beacon in the darkness as she leads us on a quiet, reflective and wry journey excavating her own history and reminding us that there are many ways of seeing: ourselves and others.'

- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

'It’s totally, totally luscious.' - Megan Vaughan, The Stage

'...her performance is a bleached-white poem of domesticity and miracles' - Stuart Pringle, The Stage (Edinburgh)



Created by Jo Bannon.

Dramaturgy by Nic Green

Sound Design by Yas Clarke

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