'By coincidence, the premiere of this show coincided with the one year anniversary since the UK Parliament voted 330-118 against legalising assisted suicide on 11th September 2015. The debate continues in the media and opinion polls would have you believe that the majority of the UK population believe it’s a humane choice to license doctors’ to provide assisted suicide for terminally ill and disabled people. Myself and many other people, including many disabled people, disagree.' - Liz Carr

‘It certainly made me rethink my position… It is very funny!’ BBC Front Row

'An original, unprecedented piece of musical theatre.' Exeunt Magazine



Written by Liz Carr
Director Mark Whitelaw
Composer Ian Hill


Isaac Bernier-Doyle
Liz Carr
Gillian Dean
David James
Stephanie James
Claire Willoughby

Design by Bethany Wells
Production Management by Mark Munday
Stage Management by Shannon Foster
Choreography by Jane Turner
Sound Engineer, Bryan Mills

For In Company Collective:
Director Tracy Gentles
Producer Lauren Davis
Film Claire Nolan
Projects Administrator Salome Wagaine
Marketing Vic Shead
PR Elin Morgan (Mobius Industries)

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