Would you/your venue/your festival benefit from someone who can?

  • Assess the online platform best suited to presenting your work and help to navigate its settings to suit the piece.

  • Explore practical alterations to your physical environment  to make it suits the tone, message or content of your work.

  • Research and suggest equipment that will enable the work to be presented in a clearer and more creative way, with budget, time and space restrictions in mind. 

  • Create graphics and media content (video and/or audio) to support your work creatively.

  • Use specialist knowledge of equipment to operate the work remotely.

  • Manage the timeline of your project keeping in mind  how schedules for online work differ from live-venue work.


With 10 years of experience working in Production Management and Technical Design I can offer the above skillset to help support your work in a consultant, management and/or design capacity. I have specialist equipment and knowledge that has proven adaptable to this new online environment we now find ourselves in and was recently Production Manager and Design Consultant for Greg Wohead’s Crack of Dawn (Presented as part of GIFT online 2020). Please Click Here for more info about this performance and feel free to contact me with enquiries so we can discuss how I might work on your project. I'm happy to negotiate fees based on the scale and financial situation of your project. 

For enquiries please contact me via the Contact page on this site.

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