Sensitive Plumbing


NOW Festival 20, The Yard, London

February 2020


The Loop-the-Loop is leaking
Merry-go-round again and again
Slip ‘n’ Slide into a post-apocalypse fantasy filled with queer dyke sentiments.

Co-founder of The Wardrobe Ensemble and renowned Drag King Edythe Woolley returns to The Yard

to unearth the (queer) Greek myth of Diana and Arethusa, taking it into the future. Watch a post-apocalyptic story about violence and war being replaced by queer love and radical kindness. 

Hold on tight, we’re splashing into the beautiful aftermath of capitalism’s gross excess.

'One of my fav lighting designs in recent memory' - Ben Kulvichit, Exeunt Magazine


Directed by Edythe Woolley
Performers: Tallulah Haddon, Claudia Palazzo, Symoné
Sound Design: Lucy Lie
Set Design: Erin Tse
Outside Eye: Florence Peake
Movement Consultancy: Miranda Cromwell
Assistant Director: Katayoun Jalili
Producing Consultancy: Cat Harrison
Stage Manager: Sorcha Stott-Strzla and Naomi Young
Project Manager: Ruby Glaskin

Devised by Edythe Woolley and Tallulah Haddon with Claudia Palazzo & Rachael Young. With special thanks to Florence Peak, Moa Johansson, Katayoun Jalili, Temi Wilkey, Helena Middleton, Emily Greenslade for their creative input.

Commissioned by The Yard Theatre, supported by Arts Council England, Shoreditch Town Hall,

Queen Mary University

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Photo by Maurizio Martorana